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About Me

 Leslie Saint-Julien is an American actress, author, poet, dancer and screenwriter. She has published several books of poetry, one of which is a children’s series that she continues to write called Brooklyn Stew. Saint-Julien is known for her theater performances, in the portrayals of African American women in Black history.

Brooklyn Stew

Rhythm and rhyming all the way through! This is a pot of a Brooklyn stew! This book has a variety of rhythmic poems. It is written for a child and the child at heart to read together. A fun way to learn poetry and an opportunity to bond, creating memorable moments that will foster a child's imagination and growth.

Behind the Scenes

Saint-Julien is actively working in various film projects and is on the path to doing more screen work including the debut of her own written screenplay Last, But Not Least. Ultimately, Saint-Julien wants to produce, direct and own her own television network broadcasting educational programs for children of color. 


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